A New Kind of Management

A New Kind of Management

Meet OttoBot Pro

With Apple’s latest changes, it is more important than ever to have software manage your fleet of Macs, no matter how large or small. With our OttoBot Pro and OttoBot Enterprise offerings, you can now take advantage of the enterprise features that are needed, without the enterprise servers and cost. OttoBot Pro lets us utilize Apple’s DEP and VPP workflows, making new machine setups almost touch-free.


• Streamlined deployments mean less implementation time
• Software management means more control over your corporate assets
• We can solve issues faster utilizing the improved remote access tools included
• Patch management without the popups keeps everyone on the same page
• Security and inventory reporting for executive oversight allows for greater visibility
• Advanced monitoring and automated remediation means less maintenance time and better performance
• It’s beyond just MDM, which means you can DEP and VPP and more
• Reduces labor costs, provides better security, and ensures you are ready for the future of what Apple brings
• A hosted and managed service we provide for our hundreds of creative and non-profit clients


Why does this matter? With the announcements at WWDC this year, it has become more prevalent that an MDM is the best option for managing corporate Macs. Companies like Microsoft and Adobe have announced they’ll migrate their software to the App Store in the future, and Apple’s Volume Purchase Program is by far the best way to distribute those mission critical apps.


OttoBot Pro and OttoBot Enterprise. Managed tools for Apple, without the enterprise price. A perfect fit for teams of two to 200.


Learn more and get your quote today:

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