COVID-19 Response

During this tumultuous time, Foundation’s staff is here to support you. To do so safely, our teams have made some slight changes to reduce or eliminate our opportunity for community spread of this global pandemic.

Our team creates and closes roughly 23,000 tickets a year, and these decisions are made based on our experience, underlying understanding of our clients and technology, but moreover with respect to everyone’s health and safety.

Immediate changes are in effect:

  • Effective immediately, any internal meetings of more than four people have been cancelled, or rescheduled as virtual meetings.
  • Specialized Engineering staff has been split into two separate teams, with geographic distances between them and for no less than two days at a time. As an example, this means no network engineer will be in physical proximity of another engineer for a minimum of two days at a time.
  • Our Service Desk has been physically separated to distances greater than 10 feet between each operator. This distance is above and beyond the CDC recommendation. Many are working from home.
  • Any staff that is not required to be at our office has been asked to work from home. UPDATE March 27th: No staff will be in office to comply with the Governor’s Executive Orders, unless in support of an exempt organization.
  • Our Disaster Readiness Plan already includes many redundancies in systems, including VPN capabilities, and phone operations. As such, we expect no system downtimes for our staff and how they support you.
  • Our team currently has the ability to work out of two facilities, and again, geographic distancing has been increased and redundancies have allowed for a low interruption to services. Our systems also allow for our support staff to be fully dispersed and work from home to limit individual exposure.
  • Any staff who feels ill, or has knowingly come within close proximity of a positive COVID-19 case has been asked to stay at home in isolation for a minimum of two weeks.
  • We ask any client who has an employee who feels ill or tests positive for COVID-19 to alert Foundation as soon as possible.
  • Our documentation procedures have been updated, and our staff and Service Desk have and will continue to receive widespread training on each of our clients, ensuring you have multiple resources available to you at any given time through and 612-465-0700 or your primary technician.
  • UPDATE March 27th: To comply with the Governor’s Executive Orders, onsite requests can only occur at clients who are exempt from the Executive Orders.

With Apple’s recent announcement that their retail stores are closed, we also have reevaluated our process for Depot repairs. Our certifications and authorizations from Apple allows us to remain a strict B2B authorized service provider, and not create a consumer environment like an Apple Store. We also only retain authorizations for Mac and iPad repairs, not iPhones. Our staff will currently remain available for any of our existing customers who need a hardware repair, and as of March 27th only customers who are exempt from the Governor’s Executive Order. Some other changes to our procedures are also in effect:

  • Any repair will take a minimum of 4-5 days longer than previous to allow for proper isolation and quarantine of any parts, and computers, that come into our office and allow for proper sanitation procedures.
  • We ask that any drop offs that need to be made have all paperwork filled out ahead of time through our online form here to reduce any interaction time. UPDATE March 27th: No repairs may be dropped off to comply with state mandate.
  • Our staff has been, and will continue, to wear gloves for all repairs.
  • At any moment, if we cannot receive a given part from Apple to complete a repair, we will inform you, but will store your machine until requested, or until parts are again available.
  • We understand this extended turn-around time may not be not ideal, however we need to take every precaution we can to protect our staff and our clients. 
  • We will be limiting our acceptance of repairs to current onsite services clients only. UPDATE March 27th: Only entities that are exempt by the Governor’s Executive Order may request repairs.
  • As of Friday, March 27th, our Depot will be TEMPORARILY CLOSED, for all but essential workers, to comply with the #StayAtHomeMN, however any clients who are exempt from the executive order and require a repair may reach out to to see if accommodations can be made.

As the CDC and State of Minnesota recommendations continue to change, we’re looking at further ways to reduce our exposure, and exposure to our clients. As such, the following changes are effective immediately:

  • All invoices and billing statements now sent electronically rather than via USPS
  • Foundation’s billing address is now officially:
    Foundation Technologies LLC
    250 Marquette Ave S, Suite 225
    Minneapolis MN 55401
  • Any changes to your billing or accounting contact, please email immediately

If you have any questions, please reach out immediately.

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