New Site, Same Us

New Site, Same Us

It has been a few years, and we decided it was time. Time to take our brand and dust it off a bit with a new, more “us” version of our website.

Mobile friendly, just like us.

Our old site did just fine, great I’d argue. But a lot has changed in the world and at Foundation:

• Our previous site had over 100k visits

• We’ve helped clients for over 81,000 hours

• Sent 96 email blasts to clients

• Deployed around 4,000 wireless routers across the US and Canada, without ever leaving Minnesota

• Made the Inc 5000 list as #3385 in 2015, and #1309 in 2016.

• Added 42% more employees (and have four open requisitions currently)

• Created a new product in OttoBot (automated Mac patch management, monitoring and antivirus)

• Sent 870k Slack messages

• MSPBJ’s Fast 50 #33 in 2015, and #2 in 2016

• Moved office locations. Twice.

Now we’ve been busy, sure. But more than anything, this new site is just the beginning. Our goal is to give you more access, information, and a better customer journey. We’re partners throughout all of this, and we’re going to keep improving ourselves for you.

Thanks for visiting, and hope to see you again soon!


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