Clinical Use iPads for Pandemics and Beyond

Clinical Use iPads for Pandemics and Beyond

Now more than ever, healthcare needs to have creative technical solutions for complex problems with inpatient care. At Foundation, we’ve taken our decades of experience and found new ways to deploy iPads for both clinicians and patients that satisfy the needs to communicate via video conference. This allows the staff to save critical PPE, and the patient to feel far less isolated when they can communicate with the outside world. We can do more. We can do better. Pandemic or not, these systems and tools set a new standard for care.


By utilizing best in class tools, Foundation can help rapidly deploy, and constantly redeploy devices without IT intervention. This saves potentially hundreds of hours for those valuable resources.


We’ll create custom solutions where staff can walk up to a kiosk, decide which use the iPad is for, use automation and leverage APIs to deploy the appropriate profiles and payloads to the device each time.


Our process ensures that no patient ever receives the same video conference room to communicate with the outside world. The platforms used, including iPadOS and iOS, are the leaders in security for mobile device management, and highly auditable for historical records. All of this can be done within HIPAA guidelines, and enable the staff and patient to have the best possible experience during a horrible time.


With these challenging times, we recognize that cost is always a concern. That’s why we’ve got options for rental, or buying of all equipment needed, including iPads and all associated licensing. Each organization is different, so contact us to start building your solution.

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