A Local Legend Lost

Yesterday, the loss of a great Minneapolis Ad Man’s passing had begun to make its way around the internet, and caught many of us off guard.


Pat Fallon, the namesake and visionary of Fallon, passed away at the age of 70. The Minneapolis (and arguably midwest) ad scene would never be where we are without him. Perhaps unbeknownst to him, Fallon was the father of many agencies of today. A pillar of talent, vision, and innovation sprouted great works, but also many new agencies who wanted their own shot. For that, we are forever grateful.


I encourage everyone to visit the About page from Fallon.com, and read his perspective on what the agency is, and needs to be.


“Most importantly, we continue to dream with passion and confidence that we really can make a difference in the world. That is what Fallon is about – yesterday, today and tomorrow.” – Pat Fallon


At Foundation, we send our condolences to all at Fallon and in the community who knew him.


Today, #wearefallon with you.

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