The Depot is Moving

Over the course of this week, The Depot will be moving over to Ford Center to join the rest of us. We’ll be closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. So, starting Monday, December 1st, our Repair Depot will be located in our Ford Center location.


Here’s a few tips for your upcoming Depot trips:


• Complimentary guest parking is available in the Ford Center parking lot

• Check in at the Ford Center’s front desk, located in the first floor lobby

• Call 612-928-2339 and we’ll meet you in the lobby


Don’t want to make the trip yourself? Have a courier do it for you. Couriers can even use Ford Center’s freight elevator entrance.


Please call us at 612-928-2239 if you have any questions.


Now, stop reading this and Get Back to Work.



MPLS Map - Blog Post

The Foundation Repair Depot

420 N 5th Street

5th Floor

Minneapolis, MN 55401

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