Repair Depot

As an Apple Certified repair depot, we help you and your team when things break. You’re too busy to do the repairs or upgrades. Let us, so you can Get Back to Work.


Business Focused Our team works phenomenally with businesses. We can coordinate with couriers to pick up and drop off machines, and do all the paperwork and billing electronically.


Upgrades Need more RAM? Need a bigger hard drive? Want to swap your optical drive for an SSD? Sure, we can do that. We can do everything that Apple does, and more. There are limits, though. Unfortunately if your computer is five years old or more, we probably can’t get the parts for it.


Quick Service Drop it off. We order the part. We fix it and get it back to you. Done. No appointments necessary.


AppleCare Certified Our team maintains the latest certifications from Apple for Macs. We also are iPad certified to make sure your mobile deployments are fully supported.


Need more information? Give us a call at 612-465-0700, email us at or tweet us @FndtnDepot