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Over the past few years, Foundation has consistently helped more people Get Back to Work. We’re sticking to our core philosophy of doing the technology tasks that others either don’t want to, or shouldn’t do.  Call it the dirty work. The nitty gritty. The maintenance or care and feeding that gets neglected otherwise. We are IT for the Creative Industries. That’s what we’ll always do, but for more folks than ever before.


With that, we’ve added staff and taken on new and different projects. We’ve procured, configured, monitored and supported thousands of iPads, iPods, Android and even Windows Mobile tablets for a wide array of retail, corporate and hospitality clients. With the advent of mobile devices, we’ve also expanded our networking skills and added wireless certifications and disciplines to our offering. Plus, with the success and expansion of the creative industries in town, our managed IT services for agencies, architects, and other creative thinkers have grown by leaps and bounds.


This comes as no surprise for those of you that have visited us recently, but it’s time for us to move on. We’re both proud, and excited, to announce that, this October, we’ll be moving into the Ford Center. From the new space, we’ll be able to better assist our clients while, at the same time, offer new opportunities.


As if a new space here in Minneapolis wasn’t enough, we’re also opening our first out-of-state office in San Diego, CA this October. Like our coworking friends here in Minneapolis and St. Paul (and Fargo!), CoCo, we’ll be working out of a space called Co-Merge. We’re excited.


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Our goal is, and will always be, to help you Get Back to Work. We’ve got more exciting things to share over the next few months, including details on when to change your address book. So, stay tuned. If you’re not already, sign up for email updates below.




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