Are iPad Systems the Future for Retailers?

Recently, September 26 to be exact, Forbes published an article outlining a growing trend in retail.  The iPad as POS system.  Use of the device and the following relegation of the old school cash register to the scrap heap, began in boutique style shops and coffee houses but is quickly spreading to larger and more widespread outlets.


Want a quick way to free up precious counter space and upgrade your street cred in one fell swoop?  A simple stand that allows rotation of the iPad to the customer for payment and approval is all that’s needed.  Want to be eco-friendly? No problem.  The iPad will email the receipt to the customer.  No rolls of paper required.


Even better?  As outlined in the article, this iPad as POS solution is finding its way into stadiums and event centers.  The numbers are astounding.  Efficiency of transaction = more transactions in less time = profitability.  And in our own implementations we have seen a significant increase in tipping at food and service retailers that have rolled this system out.


Before too long those not implementing technology into their storefronts will be behind and seen as passé.  The iPad POS train is leaving the station.


Want to implement an iPad POS system but don’t know where to start?  Give me a call.




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