Things to Consider Before Moving to iOS7

Many clients have been asking about the iOS7 update.  I thought I’d provide the salient notes I’ve collected so far:


Still have an iPhone 4? I wouldn’t recommend the upgrade.  It’ll slow down your iPhone and reduce battery life.  Probably time to check on getting an upgrade.


Have an iPhone 4S, iPad 2nd Gen or iPad mini 1st Gen? Be aware that processor-intensive games suffer a hit in terms of performance. For everything else, it’s fine.


There are many reports of reduced battery life on the iPhone 5.



If the above doesn’t deter you, here are some awkward changes:


– Deleting an email requires swiping in the opposite direction, right to left.


– Switching to another application using the double tap on the home button is very different.  You no longer have a dock of apps to choose from, only a panorama of open apps.  This means that if the other app you want to paste data in isn’t already open, you need to swipe to the home screen, tap it and then open the app.  Many extra steps.


– Week view in the calendar is only available in landscape mode.


– The new control center that is displayed by swiping from bottom to top is hard to initiate.


– Many interactions have changed to the point where you’ll be learning new symbols and semaphores for the first time and wondering if something you just tapped actually initiated anything.



Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful and elegant aspects to the OS, but I’d wait until 7.0.1 ships before using it on your personal devices.  There aren’t enough compelling new features to justify the learning curve.





Derek, Foundation Field Tech

Derek – Field Tech


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