Another Reason for MDM

iOS updates are great. Getting them over the air is truly magical.

Until it causes problems.

We’ve been in the IT world for quite some time, and our opinion is that IT companies should say yes far more than they should say no. We’d prefer to enable people.

That’s part of the reason why mobile devices are such a big part of what we do today. But there is a trade-off. With the release of iOS 6.1, we’ve heard of issues with users who rely on Exchange as a communications platform. There are reports that by upgrading to 6.1, Exchange log files are growing at an exponential rate for no real known issue at this point (with no resolution on the horizon, either).

And this is why we are partners with AirWatch. Using AirWatch (or an alternative Mobile Device Management platform), you can set it up so that based on certain parameters, certain benefits get taken away.

For example, it is not unreasonable to say that if a device is running iOS 6.1, it becomes out of compliance and therefore looses the Exchange profile associated with the device. Setting these types of compliance profiles can help from headaches in the future. Plus, they’re easy to remove or update once the latest version of any OS moves from the Bleeding Edge to Leading Edge.

To learn more about AirWatch and our process for managing remote devices, contact us.

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