The Sticky Part of Stickers

The Sticky Part of Stickers

Apple recently unveiled a new ad for their MacBook Air line of laptops. By itself, it’s a great little display of how people make their laptops their own. But there are some oddities about it.



Apple is showcasing, and encouraging, people to cover their products. To disturb their logo and brand which historically has been outlawed. Take special note of the last moments- the flicker of the Apple. It changes to the historic “rainbow” Apple that (although not the first logo) has been historically the most well known iteration.


Some say this is a turning point. That Apple is saying “our brand is strong enough to let you mess with it”. Others are saying that the end, with the flicker of the old logo, is bringing about a renaissance and perhaps that will come back as the new logo.


Us? We just like it. We’ve done similar personalizations, and companies like Woodchuck actually make it easy to do so.


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