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After making a few changes to their Volume Purchase Program (VPP), Apple recently introduced the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Used in conjunction with one another, these programs allow for significant improvements in device management and deployment.

So, what do they do?


With the recent changes to VPP, users will notice a significant improvement when purchasing and deploying apps. DEP, on the other hand, automatically enrolls and configures devices the moment they’re unboxed and powered on.


Simplified app management and purchasing. Streamlined enrollment and configuration. What’s not to like?

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Both come with their own requirements. You’ll need a D-U-N-S number and standard business contact information for both. DEP requires a registered Apple customer number and VPP requires unique email addresses for each Apple ID being created. It’s important that you keep in mind these email addresses cannot be associated with a previously existing Apple ID.


Keeping the above in mind, an MDM platform is highly advised when using VPP & DEP. With a number of options available, choosing the right platform can easily make or break the project. What do we recommend? AirWatch.


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