Mobile Retail

People are mobile.   More and more everyday.  As the world adapts to this while also adopting, it is imperative that businesses follow suit.  This is no more the case anywhere than in retail.  The trend has been affecting retailers for years now.  Customers are empowered and in control while in stores.  They have all your competitors right in their pocket.


Karen Heywood posted recently about building stronger customer relationships with mobile in-store.

Leverage the power of mobile and work in kind with your customers to give them more reasons to shop in your store.  Just as mobile empowers them, mobile can empower your teams.  Untether your people from counters and allow them to be more personal and more connected by being mobile.


There are some key solutions we provide that setup the infrastructure needed to support not only your customers mobile desires (and keep them in your store longer), but also prepare your team to be more and more mobile at whatever pace you desire.  Couple that with software and support integration and success is just a finger tap away.



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