The Foundation has been great. Consistently finding ways to say yes, instead of excuses to say no,” says Zeus Jones partner Eric Frost. “They want us to focus on doing great work without technology getting in the way. It’s hard to find someone who understands our process, let alone one who fits into our culture.”

Eric Frost
Partner, Creative
  • zeusjones.com
  • @zeusjones
  • 612.279.1400

We’ve always considered ourselves lucky to get to work with the Zeus Jones agency. Walking into their office, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the 48-foot table that serves as everybody’s desk — which translates to one messy pile of IT awesomeness.


Maybe that’s what makes us the perfect IT services provider for Zeus Jones. We’re not one of those needy vendors that demands everything to be neat and orderly and half-done for us.


We get it. Technology and IT should never be an antagonist to business objectives. By outsourcing their IT, Zeus Jones has ensured that every person at their agency is free to move their clients forward. We’re happy to play the role of protagonist, but the work is always the hero.