“From the beginning of our time working with computers, The Foundation has provided us with IT guidance and support. They’ve kept us running and secure, helping me with everything from staff transitions and new security settings to upgrading and installing our new server and helping me keep computers working well past their prime.”  

Patrick Thomas
Editor and Program Manager
  • @Milkweed_Books
  • 612.332.3192

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have helped Milkweed Editions embrace technology as a means of improving business, rather than potentially hindering it. A non-profit publisher here in Minneapolis, Milkweed is responsible for bringing more than three million publications into circulation over the past three decades.


What makes them truly unique from any other publisher is the wide range of readers their works resonate with. Whether you’re an urban city-dweller or backwoods survivalist, avid page-turner or literary hater — a willingness to open the front cover is all someone needs to be considered their ideal reader.


Given the role technology has played in reshaping many businesses, it’s understandable for people to question the future of a business with roots in an industry centuries old.


As technology has advanced, so too has Milkweed Editions. iPads are used for processing sales, reading manuscripts and even working remotely. By outsourcing their IT services to Foundation, Milkweed Editions has positioned itself at the forefront of technology while focusing their resources on publishing books, not fixing computers.