“As we grow, we need a partner who can help us scale our IT needs and help us be a cutting-edge player for our clients. Foundation works with us to manage our devices; preventing future issues from coming up and responding quickly when they do.”

Bob Gardner
  • @GardnerBuilders
  • 612.326.6377

Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Gardner Builders has established itself as more than just a commercial construction company. Spend some time working with them and, in a matter of minutes, you’ll recognize the company as a whole has a certain personality, a bit of soul even if you will. Something we appreciate and something we love working with.


Placing just as much emphasis on hospitality and communication as they do building, Gardner Builders has little time to spend worrying about technology. That’s where we come in. With Gardner seeing technology as a means of accentuating their client relationships while also building spaces more efficiently, we’re happy to relieve them of their IT concerns.


While they’re out doing the whole building thing, we’re hard at work on the technology side of things. Whether its a quick phone call or an afternoon on-site to streamline office systems, we keep the computers happy so they can keep their clients happy.