John Doe
Enterprise IT Department Person
  • 1000 iPads in 4 days
  • Managed Help Desk
  • Worked with IT, not against

For confidentiality reasons, we’re not at liberty to say who we helped this time. But, we sure did. We’re like retail technologists who double as wizards and ninjas.


Our task was to help engineer and devise a plan for a nationwide retailer bring new tablets into their organization, at the store level. Our expertise was not only in the Apple and iPad realm, but what Mobile Device Management platforms provide, and the complexities of multi-location wireless networks. Plus, it’s enterprise IT with security (and secrecy) concerns everywhere.


We worked to properly plan out and execute a phased roll out of nearly 1,000 iPads to different locations across the country. We acted as a consultant, sourcing vendor for iPads and accessories, warehouser, an integrator, deployment team, and post-deployment support.


Sorry that we can’t name names, but we’re also polite Minnesotans at heart.